Bittersweet on the Autism Spectrum

One of my contributions to autism literature comes from Chapter 5 of Bittersweet on the Autism Spectrum, published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers in 2017. 28 autistic authors, myself included, share how we overcame obstacles to enjoy life to the full, via transformative moments, newfound passions and downright determination. The inspiring message is that in spite of challenges and hardships, autism can accompany, or even galvanise, life's best bits.

My chapter of this book is entitled "Autism and Music", in which I describe the positive effects music has had on my life. Highly recommended, not just because I wish to pass the benefits of music onto everyone else!


'Autism in the words of autistic people. Alongside fascinating individual tales of personal triumphs, this collection of insights and tales shows the amazing reflection, articulation and self-awareness of these autistic authors. This book is surely a must for parents of autistic children to let them see the future and inspire them to know what their children have the capacity to become'

Sarah Hendrickx, autistic adult, Autism Specialist and author

'In a world where ASD is officially classed as a 'disorder', this book contains wonderful and uplifting accounts of how autism can be a blessing. The enthusiasm and strength of the contributors shines through in each revealing chapter. A must read for everyone newly diagnosed with the condition and for clinicians on representing autism as a deficit-based condition.'

E. Veronica (Vicky) Bliss, Clinical Psychologist