Michael Barton

An autistic keynote speaker aiming to spread the message of autism and neurodiversity to everyone. This is the small section of the internet dedicated to me, myself and I - enjoy!

My name is Michael Barton and I'm the author of "It's Raining Cats and Dogs" and "A Different Kettle of Fish", both published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. I have also self-published my third book "What Has Autism Ever Done For Us?"

I'm an experienced speaker on autism, Asperger's syndrome and neurodiversity, having toured the UK, given over 100 talks to date and been featured around the media from Channel 4 and the BBC to the New Scientist magazine. I am also patron of CASPA - Life with Autism - a charity based in South East London that runs youth clubs for young people on the autism spectrum.

I gained a Physics degree from the University of Surrey in 2014 and now work as an E-commerce Data Analyst for The AA, making me one of just 29% of the autistic population in employment.

I give talks at conferences, workshops, schools and training sessions globally about my experiences of being on the autism spectrum. I also advise companies on their Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) policies surrounding neurodiversity. My talks focus on the positive aspects of being autistic, which give people a more optimistic view of the future and break down the barriers autistic people face.

In my spare time I'm an accomplished musician, playing jazz piano, bass guitar, drums and percussion (including spoons) with a variety of bands. On top of that I'm a black belt in judo and I enjoy rock climbing.