It's Raining Cats and Dogs

University of Surrey bookshop showcasing It's Raining Cats and Dogs

University of Surrey bookshop showcasing It's Raining Cats and Dogs

My first book explains one of the main traits you see in autistic people - our literal thinking. We approach all situations totally logically and this influences everything about us, including the way that we interpret everyday situations and expressions.

The English language is full of expressions and metaphors which can be difficult for autistic people to understand because we think very literally. To help me understand and make sense of these ridiculous expressions I have drawn what comes to my mind when I hear them.

The book is also part of the recommended reading list for the Open University's Understanding Autism course.

Here are some examples of idioms:

Book Reviews

"I’d highly recommend this book to anyone! If you have autism yourself, it can help you feel less alone and understand yourself better, if you are a parent or carer of someone with autism, it can help you understand your child better. Even if you’re just someone who doesn't deal in the world of autism at all, it could help you gain awareness and an understanding that you didn't have previously."

Alex Lowery, Public Speaker on Autism (taken from his website)

"What a lovely book! It will be a useful resource for staff training those who support people on the autistic spectrum. A delightful little book as a guide to the confusing world in which we live."

Simon Jones, Head of Behavioural Support, Care UK (review from Nursing Standard)

"I've never seen my son laugh so much! His favourite is "He's got egg on his face"."

Parent of Harry and Jacob, aged 8 and 6

"It's really helped me to think different about the language I use with people I work with. Instead of saying "Watch your feet" and wondering why they look down, I now say "please move your feet""

Support Worker

"My son has found this book an absolute inspiration. He thoroughly enjoys reading through it and has had great fun sharing it with his friends. He's now putting some ideas together to create his own mini-book!"

Mother of James, aged 8 1/2

"Bought this book at the Autism show for my 8 year old daughter (and Michael very kindly signed). She loves it. Read it cover to cover twice, and several times since. She was able to explain that the picture shows what her brain thinks the idiom means ... I would highly recommend this book for all children with autism. I wish I'd bought it sooner."

Mrs M Hayes (review from Amazon)

"What a truly great book. Having a daughter & grand son with autism, I have realised more how they view the world & the things other people say. It has taught me to be so much more clear about what I say."

Katrina (review from Amazon)

"My son enjoyed hearing this story and I enjoyed reading it to him. A great book that neither of us tire of, a real bedtime favourite. I would recommend this book."

Review Buddy, Wales UK

"A fantastic book for all touched by or want to understand autism ... I would urge anyone who works with or is living with individuals with autism to buy this book. Share it around and increase awareness."

ssjohn70 (review from Ebay)