About Me

I'm currently in full time employment working as an Ecommerce Data Analyst for Autovia. This involves lots of data analysis, number crunching and programming, using tools such as Microsoft Excel, SQL, BigQuery and Google Analytics, all of which makes great use of my exceptional attention to detail.

In 2014 I completed my Physics degree at the University of Surrey. Physics is very much suited to me due to my logical and analytical way of thinking. Many people on the spectrum exhibit this way of thinking and scientists are often said to have autistic traits (characteristics that autistic people show, however are not exclusive to them).

My degree included an industrial year placement as part of my sandwich course (no food involved!) at the Brunel Innovation Centre near Cambridge. They research ultrasound monitoring and my main job was using MATLAB, a common programming language, to find new ways to process and interpret the signals. I found that the work involved suited my skill set very well.

My hobbies and special interests include music, judo and rock climbing. I may also know a little more about Monty Python than most people...

My Music

I'm currently a black belt (1st DAN) in Judo and I regularly train at my local club. Judo is a particularly good sport that I would recommend to anyone (especially those on the spectrum) because it helps you to defend yourself and boosts your self esteem. In my final year at university, I was the President of the University of Surrey Judo Club and was awarded club colours for my outstanding contribution.

I've been giving talks since 2010 about what it's like to be autistic. Further details here.